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Tales Of The Dragerytters


The beginning


For a thousands years; the humans of the savage lands of Ozshos’Feye build their cities from the ground up. With the help of the dragons and the Dragerytters; the humans kingdoms thrive on the newbie resources, wealth, and protection from the harsh, cruel lands. Under the guide of the dragon king and the leaders of the kingdoms; Peace came to the humans, Dragerytters, and the dragons, but evil came in a unlikely source. Their came a time where a young woman married the dragonking and later the king died. After the death of the dragon king; the new queen took the throne for herself and reap the wealth and lands of kingdoms. This worried the other Dragerytters and their leaders; they tried to talk her out of this, but she saw this as a act of treason. Tension roses in the kingdoms, fights begun, and the dragons and Dragerytters took up arms against the false queen, and the war begun that year. But soon the false queen began to realize that both the dragons and the Dragerytters can easily kill her, and so one that fateful day she found a way that will end the war. And end the war it did; in a massacre. For three days the skies rain with dragon blood, the Dragerytters and their dragons fell and the once strong sub race of mankind almost became extinct. And the dragons race are threaten with the same fate. So on the forth day they retreat to the dragon peaks with any Dragerytters who manage to survive the bloodbath. Leaving their fallen brethren in the blood-soaked lands where their bones and soul became part of the wild lands, and for almost fifty five years the dragons and the Dragerytters were never seen again. Only a few stay behind mostly to check the human cities, for the human column that once stood strong is now crumbling. With the dragons gone the civilization on man fall victim to the savage wild of Ozshos’Feye. Legends of one Dragerytter and a group who rise up to the false queen and take back the lands. Thus bringing peace. This is there story, these are their tales.
Tales of the Dragerytters remake
Its the same, i just edit it a bit since there a lot of errors
TOTDR ch 2 page 9 by IceLeBLU16
TOTDR ch 2 page 9…

why i put a mature on it, im not sure if getting kick in the jaw is violence/gore
TOTDR ch 2 page 8 by IceLeBLU16
TOTDR ch 2 page 8
Sorry for the wait. I've been busy with school and work. but here it is.

TOTDR ch 2 page 6 by IceLeBLU16
TOTDR ch 2 page 6
FACE PALMFacepalm yeah it page 6 of the comic. I decided to stop that since I'm starting to find it quite annoying. but ill still put in the links for the previous comics.



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Im a student, and i like to draw as a hobby as well. Im hoping to be a pro in graphic design some day.

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Hey Alayna, dis be Kyle! Finally found your account after many moon of searching. Gonna read yo stuff meow. Also, your art is sick! :D
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Hi kyle. Thank you so much! Hi! w00t! 
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Hey, IceLeBLU here,

I want to say thank you guys for the 10 Llamas badges you guys gave me. And I am lost of words about this. so Ill show my emotions :O (Eek) Woohooooo! :happybounce:
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Just to let you know that I'm going draw a newer version of the cat profile, cuz the one i made I want to make it better. So I'm sorry that just disappeared for no reason, but the updated one will come sooner of later.

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toondraw Featured By Owner May 20, 2013  Student
Nice gallery, I really do like that angel boy and snake pieces~ their lovely (:
IceLeBLU16 Featured By Owner May 24, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
thank you :)
IceLeBLU16 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Um. just a quick up dates, Ill be adding birthdate for my WOW OC characters mostly for me to add more detail to the characters and to show their zodiac signs :P
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Found you!
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